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Very excited today!  We received the artwork on our website banner ads.

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Loring descendent puts UF Historic St Augustine on notice

This morning I received a copy of a letter addressed to UF Historic St Augustine, Inc. This copy of the letter was sent to me by John Bianchi who is a descender of General William Wing Loring. Mr. Bianchi gave his permission to repost this letter on this website.  It also appears in Historic City News. Continue reading “Loring descendent puts UF Historic St Augustine on notice”

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General William Wing Loring Memorial Board Meeting

Today members of the UFHSA met to hear suggestions regarding our General Loring Memorial that sits on the property currently managed by University of Florida, and is owned by the state of Florida.  I spoke at this meeting, and so did other supporters in favor of leaving the memorial and Mr. Loring’s grave in it’s current location.

Here is what I had to say:

My name is Jill Pacetti and I was instrumental in getting over 11,000 signatures on a petition in favor of keeping our confederate memorial in St Augustine and General Loring’s Memorial.  Recently I have formed a coalition of people from St Augustine and various local groups, who are in absolute favor of keeping our confederate memorial and getting an ordinance into place to protect and preserve our veteran memorials here in St Augustine.

General Loring’s memorial is NOT a confederate memorial.  General Loring was a great general who was a resident of our city.  As you all know the Civil War was only one of the many conflicts that General Loring fought in.  At the age of 30, William Loring was placed in command of the Mounted Riflemen as a lieutenant colonel to lead the Oregon Trail.  I recently taught my 5th grade daughter her history lesson about the Oregon Trail, she is home schooled, and I could not believe that a resident from St Augustine was indeed the leader of the Oregon Trail.  In my opinion, this should be in history books.

According to your website, and I quote: “The UFHSA is a University of Florida direct support organization created to ensure the long-term preservation and interpretation of state-owned historic properties in St. Augustine through historic preservation initiatives and education programs that will be responsive to the state’s needs for professionals in historic preservation, archaeology, cultural resources management, cultural tourism, history, and museum administration and will help meet needs of St. Augustine and the state through educational internships and practicums.” (source: )

I realize the need for a hearing, but I also know that as a “management” for the property belonging to the state of Florida, UF does not have the decision making power to leave or take down General Loring’s memorial nor disturb his grave.  I know that I speak on behalf of several thousand residents of St. Augustine when I say that, “we should be honored to have the remains of St. Augustine’s General buried in our soil.”

Jill Pacetti for City Commission Seat 4