About Jill

My name is Jill Pacetti and I am an original native of St Augustine, Florida.  I am a ninth generation descendant of the original Menorcans that came to St. Augustine in 1777.  My family values our heritage and our town of St. Augustine that we love with all of our hearts.  My husband Marc and I have 2 children, Tre’ age 14, and Grace age 11.  Being a mom is by far my greatest continuing joy.

I have a background as an insurance agent, underwriting and risk management as well as previously owning my own business, a nail salon from 2000 until 2015. I currently help my husband Marc manage his retail store, Spanish Main Antiques.

I have always enjoyed listening to people, giving creative advice, and of course solving problems.  As the oldest of seven children, my dad will tell you that I am the glue to our family.

A year ago if you told me that I would be running for office, I would have never believed it.  My journey to where I am right now started back in August 2018, with making a petition to save our city’s Confederate War Memorial that bears a family members name; Eusebio Pacetti.  This past year I have been told over and over again that I have tremendous leadership skills and that I have represented our residents and the voices of the voiceless with discernment and eloquence.  Many have asked me to consider running for office and after the agreement and support of my family, I have decided to add my name on the ballot.

Growing up in St Augustine in the 70’s was very different that it is today.  I have seen many changes to our community.  Today we face many challenges that need attention and direction.  As a resident and business owner I can relate to both when it comes to making decisions that will effect our community.